Bar Star
Ring Master

Bar Star & Ring Master

Workout Details

1:00 Work at each Station

:30 Transition between Stations


Bar Star

1 - Clean Complex 155/105 (sc: 95/65)

2 - Clean Complex 165/115 (sc: 105/75)

3 - Clean Complex 185/125 (sc: 115/85)

4 - Clean Complex 215/135 (sc: 135/95)

5 - Clean Complex 235/145 (sc: 155/105)

6 - Clean Complex + MAX Hang Clean 255/155 (sc: 165/115)

7 - Rest

Ring Master

8 - MAX Reps Ring Muscle Up (sc: Pull-ups)

Clean Complex is 1 Clean + 1 Hang Clean.  Reps must be completed as a complex, not individual reps.  Bar Star and Ring Master are scored individually. 



Workout Flow

At the count of 3…2…1 Go, Athletes will have 1 Min to perform 1 Clean followed by 1 Hang Clean EACH (within the same min). Clean and Hang Clean are to be performed as a complex. Should the athlete drop the bar after the clean the rep will be credited as one rep but the clean must be redone in order to perform the Hang Clean. Athletes are allowed to move onto the next bar if they successfully complete the previous bar clean complex. At the final bar athletes will perform their 1 Clean and then will execute max rep Hang Cleans without dropping the bar for additional reps towards their score. Following the last bar, athletes will move to the rest area before moving directly into Ring Master. During Ring Master, athletes will each have their own set of rings/pull-up bars and will work at the same time to complete max number of Ring Muscle Ups or Pull Ups. They will have one minute at this station. Only reps completed within the minute at both WODs will be credited.

Movement Standards

Clean - Bar must move from the ground to the athletes front rack in one motion. Any style of clean is permitted: muscle, split, squat, power. Rep is credited when the athlete reaches full extension and the bar is supported in the front rack with elbows in front of the bar. Hang Cleans are NOT allowed.


Hang Clean - All Hang Clean reps must be performed after a successful clean. After completing a clean, Athletes must then move the bar from anywhere off the ground to their front rack in one motion. Any style of hang clean is permitted: muscle, split, squat, power. Low Hang is permitted. Rep is credited when the athlete reaches full extension and the bar is supported in the front rack with elbows in front of the bar. On the last bar, Athletes can perform multiple hang cleans in succession for their max set, as long as they meet the standards above.


Ring Muscle Up - Athletes will begin the rep elbows fully extended with feet off the ground. Athletes will then transition to the top of the rings to finish the rep. The rep is credited when the athlete reaches full lockout in a support position on top of the rings. Athletes can perform either strict or kipping reps. Athletes may choose to false grip the rings but their elbows MUST reach extended at the start of the rep. Athletes may link together reps as long as they pass through the start position described above at the beginning of each rep. No portion of the athlete’s foot may rise above the lowest part of the rings during the kip. Athletes may neither perform an uprise nor a back roll to complete the rep. In addition, athletes may not perform butterfly RMU to link their reps.

Pull up - Athlete begins in a hanging position with elbows extended. Rep is credited when the athlete's chin is above the horizontal plane of the top of the pull-up bar. Any style of Pull-up is accepted (i.e. strict, kipping or butterfly). Mixed and reverse grip on the bar is NOT ALLOWED. Athletes must return to a hang position with elbows fully extended between each consecutive rep. Jumping pull-ups are not allowed. Jumping into a kip for the pull-up is allowed as long as the athlete passes through the hang position with elbows extended.