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What is CrossFit Convergence?

Who we are

Our mission at CrossFit Convergence is to improve our members overall health and wellness, through exercise, nutrition, and accountability, and to create an environment of growth, encouragement, camaraderie, and fun.  


What we do


  • Our CrossFit classes are offered many times throughout the day​, with our first class starting as early as 5:00a and our last class starting as late as 6:30p.  Each WOD (Workout of the Day) runs for 1 hour, and that hour includes time for a warm-up, skill/strength portion, a metcon (metabolic conditioning), and a cool-down.  Our program differs each day to provide constant variation in your training.  This variation provides consistent improvement in your overall fitness because your body is forced to adapt to constantly changing demands.

Personal Training

  • We also offer 1-on-1 Personal Training​ for members that want to have a much more hands on approach.  Signing up for personal training means that you'll have your own personal coach!  Your coach will write a tailored program to help you achieve your goals, schedule training sessions to meet your busy schedule and keep you accountable and on track.  Whether you want to just get started with your fitness or you're looking to gain a competitive edge, personal training can help you!

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is defined as Constant Varied Functional Movement performed at relatively High Intensity.  Let's break that down!


Constantly Varied

This means that each day we're going to be doing workouts that are different from the previous day.  Keeping things varied allows us to constantly push our bodies to adapt to ever changing stimuli.  That way, we don't reach a plateau in our fitness; there is ALWAYS something we can improve on!

Functional Movement

These movements are based on things that you would do in real world situations.  The biomechanics involved in functional movements are usually in multiple planes of movement and also involve multiple joints all at the same time.  Since we rarely do anything in the real world that is in one plane or with one joint, these movements actually HELP us feel better, move more efficiently, and prevent injuries even when we're not in the gym!

Performed at Relatively High Intensity

This is where the magic happens!  We want each person to have the same push when they workout, so we will modify the workout to each person's CURRENT fitness level.  That means if you're just getting started, we may scale the WOD down, and if you've been exercising at high intensity for some time, we may scale the WOD up!  

Even with this definition, there is SO much more to what makes CrossFit great!  It's not only a fitness program, but it's also a lifestyle and a community.  For more information head to the CrossFit main site page, What is CrossFit?

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